Monday, September 13, 2010

The beauty of burlap ...

I can't think of a more versatile material than burlap. It can be chic and edgy or rustic and humble - yet always visually stimulating. There are so many ways to create from burlap, so I thought I would share some great artistry sold on Etsy that features the use of burlap in charming and novel ways.

The innovative mind at Funkyshique creates absolutely adorable and trendy design 'must haves,' including the charming pennants below for special occasions and everyday home decor.

Burlap pennants (above) with white glittered font, simple and beautiful with extra extra long jute twine
double ties on each end from Funkyshique $28.

If I had a house on a beach, the starfish pennant (right)  would greet my guests on the front porch. Each starfish has vintage buttons in the center.
Love it. From Funkyshique $22. 

I really love the 'French-style stockings' (below) that Funkyshique has created for the holidays. The designer adds a "little coffee here, some ink there," to create a Paris-chic touch to this holiday decor. They are so clever to stamp the No. 25 in honor of the Christmas date. Each stocking has been hand-stamped with black ink, and then sent thru a 'fading' process, so it looks old, almost like an old burlap coffee sack!

Who wouldn't appreciate a special gift presented in the lovely French bird and crown design gift bags (below left) or Polka dot bags (below right)? Four bags with jute twine from Funkyshique $16.

Wall pockets are sleek and snug way to keep your clutter to a minimum. The "ORIGINAL" wall pocket by Funkyshique (shown below) hangs on the wall with tacks or hooks to manage supplies, magazines or whatever you need to corral. This one features an adorable 'queen bee' design and sells for $14.

You won't find any burlap pillows shown here. Because they are accessible just about everywhere, they really aren't too novel. So, let's stick with what's cute and fresh!

The 'Free to Fly - Burlap Feed Sack Cork Message Board' from Next Door to Heaven (below) is also available on Etsy. It's $15 and comes in cream, pink or black burlap.

To wrap up our little shopping expedition this week, I want to show you some of the great purses, totes and wallets from The Wren. These products, also sold on Etsy, are among my most favorite burlap goodies featured this week.

The Bright Mercanta Coffee Travel Bag (below left) is made from Fair Trade burlap coffee sacks and sells for $150. Made in Guatemala. The Rust Mercanta Tote Bag (below right) is made from coffee sacks that come from a Fair Trade coffee and tea plantation in Guatemala. Sold on Etsy for $74.

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