Sunday, December 12, 2010

Branches and twigs ...

Why not take a cue from Mother Nature this Christmas with truly 'green' holiday decor? I love the way these clever designers have brought the outdoors inside by incorporating branches and twigs in their yuletide decorations.

A sleek planter, a bit of lush, green moss and a few branches of berries
make a thoroughly modern statement on tabletop or mantle.

Going 'green' does not mean going blah. Arrange a few branches in a tall, glass vase.
Secure them in place with glass balls, then, hang a variety of sparkling ornaments
for a little holiday bling.

The LED lights add glimmer to these branches, giving a rustic
decor just the right amount of holiday punch.

Feeling a wee bit bohemian this year, or maybe just running out of time? Then, this little twigster with dangling ornaments and strands of holiday lights may be a perfect fit.

If you have already pruned that dead tree and used the branches for kindling, you can still enjoy a 'green' holiday. Haul that stump inside and decorate the wall behind it to create a multi-dimensional sensation.

Photo via Brabourne Farm.

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