Thursday, December 9, 2010

Gone to the dogs ...

What could be better than a wagging dog tail? Perhaps a fluffy little pooch in your pocket!

Domenica More Gordon is a fiber artist that has transformed her love of dogs into an amazing career crafting wooly canines. Her mini pets are in such demand worldwide that she has had to create a lottery for prospective buyers to earn a fair shot at buying the little felt wonders.

So, when I first saw these adorable creations on the Sundance Channel last year, I contacted the Edinburgh-based artist to inquire about purchasing. Who knew I had to compete with Brad Pitt and The Who's Pete Townshend for a bidding opportunity.

Since a 2009 feature story in World of Interiors, Domenica's art has created an unprecedented global interest among collectors and dog-lovers alike. No larger than 3" tall, these small forms exude personality and can command as much as $775 each.


Each dog is drawn first, inspired by a real dog. Then, using dry felting needles, Domenica creates more than just a shape from the wool. Her artistry channels pure emotion in each of her animated mutts.

These amazing little dogs were most recently featured at her 'Dog Show' in Tokyo and have been shown and sold at The Workshop Edinburgh in Scotland. 

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