Saturday, February 26, 2011

Pots en terre cuite ...

There is something absolutely charming about the crusty old clay pots known in France as 'pots en terre cuite,' or in the States as 'resin pots' or 'pitch pots.'

Image via La Pouyette.

These 19th Century French 5" pots from the pine forests of the Les Landes region in south west France were used to collect resin from pine trees. For decades, these used pots sat untouched and became encrusted with pitch. The various clays used in the making of the pots faded over time into varying shades, giving each pot a unique coloration.

Image via Vintageweave.

Today, these pots are such a hot commodity that fewer are available for purchase, and when you do find them for sale, expect to pay handsomely for the priviledge of owning them.

Image via Worthpoint.

Locally we have an importer of French antiques that currently has the pots in their inventory. If you would like to check out their site, visit Provinces de France.

Another resource is the Los Angeles based Vintageweave Interiors. They sometimes have the pots in stock as well.

Image via Heather Bullard.

Of course, there are similarly shaped pots out there (like those shown above) which are far less costly, but they do not have the pedigree, patina of pitch or the color variations seen in the antique clay.

In any case, spring fever has me yearning for resin pots to call my own!

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Notre Vie Juteuse said... These pots are all over France too. Who knew.

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