Friday, February 18, 2011

Mood board: eggplant vs. gray

Whenever I think about redecorating, I start by building a mood board. After looking at dozens of inspirational photos, I've started collecting color combination ideas for my guest bedroom. Because, I'm torn between two color schemes, I've created mood boards for each.

Eggplant, Wasabi Green and Ivory

Luxe and refined, and oh-so-beguiling!

or Taupe, Graphite and Pearl

A classic that plays well with any color accent.

I'm torn! Looking at mood boards created by others is of no help. I'm drawn to similar schemes that share my desire for deep, rich shades. Just take a look at the glamorous gray wedding inspiration board below. It combines gray hues from oyster to charcoal and purple hues from plum to eggplant.

Image via Elizabeth Ann Designs.

I must digress momentarily. May I please have the sofa and pillows below, or at least the fabrics for my decor? This photo illustrates the perfect color combo I'm after.

Photo via Sarah Kaye.

A little less Euro-chic and a bit more tailored, but still a contender ...

Via Kelle Dame.

Okay! Here's where you come in. Let's say you are going to be a guest in my house. What color story will make you feel pampered? I want you to click on that 'Post a Comment' button and let me know. Merci!

1 comment:

Krystina said...

Eggplant for sure! I love the deep dark purple.

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