Sunday, December 12, 2010

Table runner by tomorrow...

I urgently needed a festive table runner for a holiday dinner on Sunday. So, on Saturday I rummaged through my closet full of remnant fabrics and found two complementary patterns in my colors du jour - graphite and gold.

Two fun fabrics were selected: graphite linen with embroidered gold dots and a gold striped silk that were purchased from Calico Corners earlier this year for a pillow-making project. By happenstance, there was just enough left to create a table runner.

I selected the linen dot fabric for the main section of the runner and cut it 15" wide. I measured my table with leaves to determine the length of the runner. I wanted the stripes of the border fabric to run perpendicular to the main runner, so I cut a number of strips each 5" wide.  The strips were sewn together end to end until I had ample to length to match the length of the main runner fabric.

Since the linen was of sufficient weight, there was no need for lining. The striped border was first attached with a seam, then folded in half and sewn to the first seam line. The same process was repeated on both ends.

The finished piece took center stage at the table, laid over a gold damask tablecloth to bring the formal stuffiness down a notch and create a more lighthearted, celebratory mood.

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