Friday, February 18, 2011

Farm table fantasies ...

Whether you call them harvest tables or farm tables, these workhorses have served cooks and their kitchens across the continents for centuries.

Photo via Tiffany Ruda.

Years of wear and tear add immeasurable character to these cherished antiques, creating significant demand along with higher acquisition prices.

My dear friend Sylvia introduced me to farm tables years ago as she was decorating her loft apartment. Since then, I've had unfulfilled farm table fantasies like those shown in photos (above left) from Victoria Pearson Photography and (above right) Decor Pad. Either table would do quite nicely. Perhaps, some day ...

Photo from Elle Decor.
The long and lean shape is certainly part of the farm table appeal, but I feel personally drawn to their humble, enduring construction.


The fact that these tables look so handsome with any decor style, accompanied by chairs or benches, is an added attraction. From Old World (like the images above from Euro Antique Market and House Beautiful) to Modern (shown below by Tiffany Ruda), these beauties can turn up the charm level in any room.

Can a kitchen or dining room feel any cozier than in the photo (right) from Interiors and All Things Pretty?

There is nothing aloof in a room with a warm, wood table taking center stage. A farm table is a joyful invitation to the breaking of bread with friends and family and encourages lingering conversation.

Talk about workhorses, just think of the extra prep and cooking space these tables provide in the kitchen as well as their functionality as craft and homework centers when they need to serve double duty.

Now, if only I can find a way to incorporate one in my house. I'm thinking ... give me a minute ...

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