Saturday, February 26, 2011

Make room for wine ...

'Il vino e'il nettare di bacco.' Wine is the nectar of the gods, and we all have our favorites. For me, there is none better than a 2006 bottle of Chiroubles Cuvée Vieilles Vignes from the French winery of Eric Morin.

Some wines just deserve to be honored with their own special place in your heart and in your home. When I hauled back my limit from my last trip to Paris, I knew a measly four bottles would never last as long as my desire.

Even if I could have brought back three times as many, my little wine chiller would have been packed to the brim.

So, I started dreaming of a wine cave or cellar to expand my collection. Trouble is, my property lays over solid rock - no chance for digging a cave here!

Maybe I could just lock up a few cases of my favorites in the uber cool wine cage (above) from Factory 20.


If I could have a wine cellar, I might want to consider showcase shelving to house my stock like those built in Leo Dowell's Wine Shop (left). But, I'm also quite fond of the simple shelves featured at Wine Bohemia (right).

I would definitely want a great table to seat guests for wine tastings, like in the photo above from Country Living. This place makes me swoon. It's not just the table, it is the whole atmosphere. Well done!

Some rich, warm woods, perhaps a bit of Trompe O'lei wall art and a homage to Bacchus, the Roman god of wine, and my little cellar would be all set for the cozy atmosphere I envision. Images above via South N France (left) and Euro Antique Market (right).

Okay, I would even settle for something small and unadorned like the cellar above from My Provence. I'm just wondering, how hard can it be to blast out some rock?

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