Friday, February 18, 2011

Homespun art ...

I just discovered the work of Canadian artist Heather Murray and had to share it with you. The moment I saw her mixed media work, I felt as though I was looking through a family album that presented loved ones in a simple, honest and nostalgic fashion.

Murray's works have been exhibited and sold internationally, so it's our good fortune that she also sells on Etsy - making her canvases available to everyone. She has an amazing talent to share her 'feel good' vision, when the world was a simpler place. 

According to her bio, this Chatsworth, Ontario artist "cuts, pastes, paints and assembles what moves her and captures her attention. Collage and assemblage bring out the inner scavenger in her, and she savors discarded finds and utilizes found objects in new enticing ways."

I am ever-so-fond of Murray's talent. It is so pure, so organic, and movingly sentimental. I love it! You can buy her art on Etsy, visit her website gallery or read her My Ephemeral Imagination blog.

All photos via Heather Murray. 

1 comment:

greybruceartist said...

Thank you so kindly for featuring my art..What a lovely tribute! Cheers Heather

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