Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Say it with flowers ...

I wonder how many people say, "I love you," with flowers every day? Hundreds of thousands ... millions, perhaps. I am so very lucky to be loved by someone who enjoys expressing his feelings with beautiful blooms.

The best part is that he likes to come home with a bouquet when there is no special occasion!
So, I've been thinking that I would like to set our St. Valentine's Day table with a bountiful floral arrangement that adds fragrance and beauty for our dinner, but also tells my hubby how much I care, too.

I'm not really into red, so I am going to experiment with two color stories: pinks and blues. For this post, I'm hoping to share inspiration with pinks.

Roses are always appropriate and certainly send a message of love. The rose-filled little teacups (below) are a terrific way to stage the table. This is a clever idea from Porter House Designs. Charming!

Or, why not express a special 'gift of love' sentiment by creating a floral 'gift box' like the one from Weddings Avenue (below). It's easy to create with florist foam, flowers and ribbon.

I would have to say that ranunculus is among my favorite flowers. There is no denying the beauty of the bouquets below posted by Lovely Little Details wedding bloggers Jacin and Pat.

Add some hyacinth and tulips (above left) to the ranunculus for a formal mixed bouquet, or let them shine solo in antique tins for casual elegance (above right).

You know, I have a vintage loving cup with the same tarnished finish as the vase above. Maybe I'll add some roses and bells along with my cherished ranunculus to create a romantic St. Valentine's Day feel like the mood set in this photo via Floral Verde

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