Friday, February 18, 2011

Visual delights ...

I am here to unequivocally praise the constantly changing, creative work of visual merchandisers. What a whirlwind it must be to continually come up with ideas for captivating store displays and windows, source and purchase the necessary items, construct the display, then, complete the refrain over and over again.

Kudos to the creative genius that gives us pause as we wander through each and every shop and boutique. I yearn to have this type of creative vision! The work of one of these masterful professionals is particularly impressive to me.

Meet Martha Mulholland. You may not know the name, but this is one incredibly talented lady that works as a stylist, interior decorator and visual merchandiser. Because I see a certain Southern elegance in her work, I set about to find her bio online.

Whadda you know, "her personal passion is collecting, and little falls outside her net of useful clutter. At home, Martha attempts to meld her love of equestriana and Southern gentility with the idiosyncrasies and secret resources urban life has provided her," according to her bio.

Yep, I collect all kinds of random stuff, too, but I've never convinced my hubby that it's "useful clutter" or that these are "secret resources of urban life!" Who writes that stuff? Sorry, I digress ...

Mulholland is a Kentucky girl who moved to Chicago in 2002 to attend the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, taking along her roots from a picturesque horse farm with Southern hospitality. Every bit of that heritage comes through in her work that has graced stores like GucciJayson Home and Garden, and Michael Del Piero Good Design.

A recent feature in CS Interiors, labeled Mulholland "the Mix Mistress," a nod to her ability to meld styles and influences with fresh, innovative results.

According to the article, Mulholland has enough "vintage objects de chic for an apartment of subversively styled vignettes," making her personal space an "ultimate den of hipster style."

Oooh, is that what I have: "vintage objects de chic?" Again, who writes this stuff?

All images via Martha Mulholland.

These images make me want to own a retail boutique just so I can practice my visual merchandising skills. Crazy, I know. That's like wanting to become a surgeon so you can practice your sewing technique! Maybe I'll just leave it to talented professionals like Mulholland.

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