Sunday, September 12, 2010

Through the looking glass ...

There are so many things to see on the other side of the glass. I guess that's why window shopping is so much fun. I can absorb the beauty in great art, food, designer goods and apparel without spending a dime.

La Cure Gourmande in Passage Saint-Emilion is the most adorable candy shop in Paris. It looks like it was designed and decorated by elves!

One of my very favorite places to window shop is in Paris. The French are masters at merchandising their windows – creating captivating vignettes that can exude charm or glamour as easily they can peak curiosity or evoke marvel.

From time to time, I’ll share snapshots ‘Thru the looking glass.’ Today, let’s start in Paris with Laduree (above, left). There, the shop windows are full of delicious macaroons and tempting chocolates, but the windows that really stop traffic (center and right) are those of Chocolatier Fouquet just off of Avenue Montaigne where skirts, bustiers and shoes are all made of chocolate and line the storefront.

From an exhibit of retro
lace silhouettes (left) at
the Palais Royal to
Cadeaux lingerie on
rue St. Honore (center)
fashion is always on display!
Love the ghost chair in
our apt window (right.)

It's only natural that the French, who invented the chandelier (chandelabre) about 700 years ago, would be the ones to cleverly transform it in so many playful and elegant ways like those seen in the windows below.

Some of the best-looking, Parisien window displays showcase home décor and furnishings. Here, shabby and chic somehow translate to expensive and stylish.

Using the historic fabric of their building façades, the shopkeepers exploit the architecturally historic exteriors to create enchanting storefronts – a place where shoppers thrill to what is offered 'Thru the looking glass.'

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