Sunday, September 19, 2010

The chef's table ...

Maybe it’s because I'm an avid foodie, but I'm a sucker for a beautiful place to dine - with a particular penchant for banquettes. The more I think about a remodel of my kitchen, the more I am considering how I might incorporate a traditional dining banquette into my space. After all, I’ve been saving magazine photos of my favorites for years.

Here’s a peek at some of those banquettes that inspire me with their handsome good looks and practicality.

My absolute favorite banquette (above) appeared as a photo in the July 2001 issue of Traditional Home magazine. (See, I told you I keep these clippings forever!) Actually, it isn't a true built-in banquette at all since a free-standing loveseat is used in place of a built-in bench seat. However, the room's appealing, country French pedigree feels so warm and inviting, I can just imagine relaxing here with my morning croissant and cup of chocolat.

These banquettes have personality galore with enough charm to comfort guests and encourage them to linger.

The casual elegance in the Traditional Home magazine spread (left) oozes refinement, while designer Patti Kommel's European-inspired banquette (right) exhibits a rich, textural refinement in a small space that she says "feels like a New York apartment."

Our home's design scheme isn't blue and white, yet I still rate these two banquettes above high on my list of delightful spaces. The breakfast room banquette featured in Better Homes and Gardens (left) is bright and cozy, although I give my top vote for rustic romance to the Country Living magazine photo (right). If I ever build a vacation cottage, this will be the inspiration. Since I already own the table - a gift from a friend who found it at a flea market, I just need to source the chairs and have my super handyman husband at the ready for the built-in construction.

When I saw this free-standing banquette on the Young House Love blog, I immediately thought of a friend who is redecorating a recently-purchased beach house.

To me, this room evokes sand and surf in a classic, Nantucket way. It feels so similar to the set design that I love from the Diane Keaton & Jack Nicholson film 'Something's Gotta Give.' Okay, the movie's dining room looks totally different, but this relaxing space speaks the exact same language as every other room in that film. 

And, oh how I am listening!


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