Sunday, September 26, 2010

Dressform desires ...

I've never seen a vintage dressform I didn't like LOVE! There is just something graceful, feminine and practical about their shape and function. While I have sewn quite a lot of my own clothes over the years, I've never owned a dressform. But, that never stopped me from wanting one! Instead, I just looked at each one I passed with a lustful eye.

The photos by Tim Bradford (left) and Mandy Lynne (right) feel so melancholy. These images make me want to rescue these dressforms and take them to a loving home. Oh wait, hundreds of antique enthusiasts already pay handsomely to do just that! Antique dressforms can easily cost as much as $700 - $1200 US.

For those who just love to look at vintage dressform images, Lori Miller Vintage Design is offering a series of greeting cards (shown at left) for sale on their website. Dressforms as art have also been translated into commercial photography by the creative textile artist behind the 'Love Stitching Red' blog. Here, the forms take on a persona with the accessories draped around their bodices.

Can't spend the dinero right now to buy a coveted dressform? Why not rent one? That's right, you can rent the vintage model show in both photos above from Modern 50 in New York City. Modern 50 specializes in the rental and sales of antiques and vintage modern furnishings, mostly to the set designers in television and film. Just want the photo? The NYC firm also has stock photos available, too.

By now, you have got to be wondering why I'm sharing this obsession with you. Well, I'm in the process of making my own dressform - some sort of stand, a little chicken wire, a few layers of newsprint to create paper mache and some tea-stained muslin is all it takes.

I'll fill you in on all the details in the next few weeks, giving you the 'How To' instructions for my project as well as showing you some other means to create your own dressform.

In the meantime, I'll be adding more layers of paper mache and giving it the final skin of fabric so you can see the entire process in photos.

'She' really isn't meant to wear any home sewn attire, her function is more art-inspired. I hope she will become my creative muse for future work. More to come ...

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