Sunday, September 26, 2010

Bedside manners ...

Guest accommodations should not be a storage facility! I know it should be as inviting as a hotel suite. However, my guest bedroom has accumulated so many reject pieces from other rooms that it is beginning to look more like a flea market stall. For heavens sake, it is even playing host to an old family piano!

I have decided to take the room down to its bare bones, then, create a well-mannered space for visiting guests - with no more junk and much more personality. I've pulled out my inspiration book of bedroom photos saved from clipped magazine spreads and viewed lots of looks on the internet. Below are a few rooms that ooze the 'decadent Zen' design asthetic that I love.

Photo from Maisons & Decors Mediterreanee 2008.

The bedroom above is my all-time favorite from a magnificently restored chateau near Aix en Provence in the South of France. The volume of space, minimalist decor and ethereal light are hauntingly beautiful. But, since my guest room lacks the size and height of this stunner, I'll have to keep looking for something a bit more feasible.

Photo via Living Etc.
Geffner Schatzky home

Both of the classic black and white color schemes above are creatively fresh, yet layered with an old world patina for timeless beauty. One day, I'll post all of my black and white room photos and get up enough nerve to take the noir paint plunge.

This Prospect House bedroom (above) designed by Janof Hald is a perfect example of simple refinement. Its understated beauty and comfort would be so inviting to guests. Did I mention that the charming duvet cover reminds me of my ruffled, pull-up girlie panties from childhood? How fun!

For the drama queen in me, there could be nothing more enticing than a mix of bold, unexpected design elements with luxurious antiques.

Designer Holly Moore created a vintage look on a grand scale (left) with the vintage,  circus-painted canvas backdrop paired with an old, upholstered French bed.

I really love this look! The room was definitely designed for fantasy and romantic dreams.

In addition to style, my redesigned bedroom will need to wrap my guests in comfort. I'm really drawn to the Belgian linen bedding from Bella Notte. Being surrounded by linen is irresistibly comfortable and opulently minimalist.

Surely, I can find some way to bring in the joy and comfort of youthful sleep to my guests.

Image via Pottery Barn
This Pottery Barn image brings back such great memories of summers at the lake with my best friend - sharing nights on her grandmother's sleeping porch.

Do you think I could forget about the guest room and offer up my patio as accommodation? Probably, not. But, it would be divine to create this kind of sweet embrace.

Okay, I'll just stick to my original plan: create a cozy suite that will convey a warm welcome and provide guests with a soothing sense of relaxation.

The two rooms below are ranking high on my inspiration chart.

Todd Moore designed the spa-like bedroom
for cool relaxation.

Designer Joni Webb creates a
French-inspired suite.



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