Friday, September 3, 2010

Best seat in the house ...

There is nothing more relaxing that curling up in a really comfy chair to read! During my sabbatical, I’ve been reading some great books (classics, bestsellers and obscure titles) that have been on my list for some time. I’m not sure if the enjoyment comes solely from the stories, or is in large part due to settling into a plush seat that gently caresses my derrière.

I thought it might be fun to find those furniture pieces I think have the most promising ‘curl up’ qualities. Sometimes, the best seats in the house are inside, while others encourage reclining in the great outdoors, like the two built-in benches below.

I think I would be comfortable on a terrace in the
French Riviera playground of St. Tropez.
I could kick off my shoes and relax
at Nanci Closson's Tres Casitas rental
in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

While metal seating may not sound comfy, don't be fooled. Give it some pillows and all the elements are there to nod off before finishing 'Chapter One.'

The metal campaign bed (left) offers a
restful greeting in the courtyard, while
the metal army cot (above) turns on
the charm with vintage pillows. 

The French always seem to draw my gaze to their great furnishings. Take the Louis XVI-period day bed (below left) or the sweet garden chair (below right) upholstered in chenille (nifty little idea!). They both are so casually welcoming.

But, if I need to pick a seat to read the next two Ernest Hemmingway novels on my list, A Moveable Feast and The Garden of Eden, then I might just pick this dark, rich leather mammoth to hold me. It has Hemmingway written all over it!

Doesn't this handsome temptation just call out for a cigar and brandy?
Maybe that's why it is called a 'Smoke Chair.'

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Krystina said...

I love this chair! So cozy!! One day I want to have a formal library and this would go perfectly in it. And I am also in love with chaise lounges, their "curve appeal" is perfect for my long torso.

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