Friday, January 7, 2011

The winter table ...

I love to change the look of my dining table with the seasons, and since the holidays have past, it's time for a winter tablescape. Our property is for the most part filled with evergreen trees and the vegetation never really dies back - it's just not cold enough.

But, if I can't have it outside, I can create it inside. My dining table is imbued with snowfall and barren trees, through a little crafty magic, that is.

Along the center of the table I have filled four glass vases with Kosher salt and placed twigs in each that I spray painted a dark bronze. Easy snowfall and barren trees!

In my mind, a winter tablescape also needs more rustic accoutrements. So, I have brought out the chargers with a matte bronze finish and simple, white pottery for the placesettings. To add warmth, I whipped together some new placemats from remnant jacquard damask fabric and placed the utensils snuggly in the flax napkins with a 'bedsheet' fold.

I love the play between formal and casual textures.

If you come for dinner, you can throw on a ruppled pair of jeans or don your tailored best. Either way, this table is at home regardless of formality.

I've added candles to some vintage pieces collected over the years. The brass candleholders travel from room to room as the need arises.

The black trophy base with bronze compote and laurel embellishment is one of my favorite finds! It lives mainly in my studio where it hosts my butter crock filled with paint brushes. But, this season it takes on table centerpiece status.


kelly said...

How did you get the twigs to stand up?

Alamodeus said...

The twigs are so lightweight that salt or sugar will hold them easily in place.

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