Sunday, September 26, 2010

Card-carrying creative ...

I printed some lovely business cards for Alamodeus. I wanted them to be unique in size (3" x 3"), just to create a bit more interest than the standard 3.5" x 2" US card. With the extra size came a bit of a dilemma - how to keep them together in my handbag. Standard card cases weren't the right size, so it was time to create an easy-to-craft card case.

First, I created a pattern by measuring the card size and added .25" to the overall dimensions to give the cards a bit of wiggle room.  To this measurement, I added .25" for the depth of a stack of cards and added another .25" for a glue flap to the two sides of the case. Then, a bottom was created with a .25" depth and a 2.75" diaper flap for folding up as the backbone of the case. The top flap dimensions were added and the background color was left white to contrast with the gray scheme.

I simply printed the pattern on sturdy 65lb. cover weight paper stock, cut along the outside lines and scored the fold lines. Then, I folded and glued the flaps.

I added some velcro for a closure, and voila! A great little case to keep Alamodeus cards organized and protected.

While I have used the same graphic design on my card case that I have used on the Alamodeus website background, you could chose any artwork if you are creating the pattern on the computer. Otherwise, you might consider creating your pattern and tracing it onto pre-printed cover or cardstock. Craft and scrapbooking stores have a huge assortment of paper stock in various weights that would work perfectly for this project.

I'm thinking cereal or cracker packaging might even be fun ... upcycling is such a great way to take existing paper goods and create entirely new products without adding to our carbon footprint.

I know laminating the card case would add some longevity to the finished case, but scoring and folding lamination is just a bit tricky. Anyway, I'm sure I will want another design by the time this one is worn out.

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linda marcov said...

Thank-you for visiting our space at Marburger, I look forward to visiting your lovely blog often, and I want to stay in that first guest room you featured.. oh la la ..

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