Saturday, January 15, 2011

Reclaimed wood ...

'Everything old is new again,' so the saying goes. That's particularly true when we talk of using reclaimed lumber for homebuilding materials and repurposing rescued wood to create furnishings and accents with built-in history and character.

Salvaging seasoned lumber from old barns, factories and warehouses has gained momentum along with environmental awareness. The photo above shows how old-growth lumber beams add a rustic character to a modern space.

Creative craftspeople have found inventive ways to use repurposed woods to bring warmth and beauty into homes. Tabletops are a great place to showcase the beauty of reclaimed wood. Images above via Lavender and Lilies (left) and Stylehive (right).

Green Mountain Woodworks in the Rouge Valley just outside of Ashland, Oregon makes a number of products from salvaged woods including fireplace mantles and butcher blocks. The butcher block shown above is one of their beautiful, sustainable creations from reclaimed Redwood.

The salvaged wood industrial console table (above left) from Hudson Goods would look just as sweet in a contemporary setting as it would in a rustic home. Image of buffet (above right) from Design Muse.

These salvaged wood walls provide a layer of texture that is undeniably a major design component in these rooms. Bedroom image (above left) from the Ace Hotel in Portland. It's probably the hippest hotel in the country, by the way! Kitchen backsplash image via Brown Turtleneck Sweater.

Get out the saw, hammer and nails to create a simple recycle bin. It's easy to personalize with a coat of blackboard paint.

And, when you're finished drinking that barrel of whiskey you have hidden out back, take the barrel apart and make yourself a chair like the Bilge Chair made by Uhuru (show above right). Theirs is crafted from reclaimed bourbon barrel staves and leaf springs from New York City fire trucks. Clever, indeed!

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