Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Container gardening ...

There's just no way to miss the cheer derived from plant varieties living happily together in a container garden. Baskets and pots overflowing with living color makes gardening worthwhile no matter where you live.

Image via My Yard Rocks.

I admire gardeners who think outside of the box pot. Old wheelbarrows and barrels are charming planters for the container garden.

Image via HGTV.

I have to find a way to raise some potted plants to eye level. I'd really like to bring the beauty and interest of multi-color plantings to varying heights throughout the garden. A hanging basket or two might be just what I have in mind.

Image via I to I.

I'm a sucker for the chartreuse color of Potato Vine. It is such a worthy companion for the bold colors found in many annuals, like bright pink Petunias.

Image via Container Gardening For You.

In early spring (now's a perfect time) seedlings and young plants can be inexpensively purchased and potted together. Make sure they like the same light conditions and have the same watering requirements to help ensure growing success.

Image via Sunnyside Gardens.

My aim is to create a blaze of colors with tightly placed pots that will enliven some of our barren areas and add interest to our patio. As long as the weather cooperates, this should be a perfect weekend to visit the nursery.

Image via All Outdoor Patio.

I love it when nature calls!

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