Saturday, November 12, 2011

Vertical vegetables ...

What goes up ... can feed a family! Vertical gardening is certainly a space-saving planting method, but it's also easy to maintain, visually appealing, and can repurpose some everyday materials to make potting a breeze.

Image via Basswulf on

I can't think of anything better than super easy planting in repurposed, plastic soft drink bottles. Punch drain holes in the bottom and hanging holes in the sides. Wrap wire or sturdy twine through the side holes, add potting soil and seeds, then, suspend from bamboo canes tied to X-crossed legs.

Images above via Lyre Bird Create (left) and Instructables (right).

Have an old hanging shoe bag laying around your house? Fill the shoe slots with potting mix and tuck in some transplants or seeds. Water and watch the veggies grow on your vertical farm. No acreage needed! Recycled market bags are also good for hanging or stacking horizontally.

Image via Green Upgrader.

Guttering can be reused for growing transplants from seed. Shallow rooted plants can stay throughout the growing season. Angled ever so slightly, gutters will allow water to seep from the high end down to the lowest point ... a great watersaving feature!

Image via Dezeen.

What an awesome shop storefront featuring a vertical wall of green growth!

Image via Pinterest.

I love the diversity of plants and their variety of textures and colors used to create living art walls. Amazingly beautiful!

Image by botanist and creator of the vertical garden Patrick BlancHotel Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

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Krystina said...

I love the swirl living plant wall!

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