Saturday, November 12, 2011

Skirting the issue ...

Less than perfect legs are good candidates for a long skirt. That's especially true for table legs. Yards of stunning fabric can make any table look fabulous, and I have several tables in my house that attest to the value of this design technique.

Image via designer Allison Harper.

I love the way table skirts add softness to a room. Whether the skirts are gathered and hemmed at floor length, or gracefully draped to puddle on the floor, they are never short on drama. The images below show the versatile nature of skirted, round tables.

Photos via photographer Mark Lohman (left) and Cote de Texas (right).


Round tables in my entry and master bedroom are skirted, and both are layered with two coordinating fabrics. Did I mention that I love adding trims, tassels and fringes? I'm a bit of a hoarder when it comes to vintage gimp and braids, bullion and passementerie (beautiful French trims I found at Paris' Clignancourt Flea Market!). As a serial redecorator, I use these trims to embellish a revolving collection of table skirts that inhabit various rooms in my home at any given time. 

Image via Better Homes and Gardens.

But, the best thing about skirting a table is the ability to hide storage or disguise construction techniques. Would anyone be so bold as to lift the fabric on these skirted console tables? Probably not. So, when you have a need, you can build a 'table' with boxes or less than ideal materials, and no one will ever know.

Photos above via One Story Building (left) and House Beautiful (right).

In my book, there is no better partner to storage solutions than a skirted console table! These glam gals can hide a ton of clutter under their tailored skirts. Top them with custom-fitted glass (or natural stone, if your budget allows) and no one will know what's hidden beneath these classic beauties.

Room decor by designer Jan Showers.

Table skirts are probably the most practical and decorative elements you can bring into a room. So, go ahead, haul that ugly table inside and give it a simple treatment with your favorite fabric and an inexpensive glass sheet. It's going to look fabulous anywhere you put it!

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