Saturday, July 30, 2011

Mood board as decor?

An affinity for collage has started me thinking about using mood boards as actual design elements. Sure, these boards are meant to explore ideas and inspiration for designing everything from events and venues to fashions and products, but my eye tells me that we could consider the resulting board as art itself.


I'm crazy about the way these boards contribute to the overall look of each room above. Take away the beautifully framed mood boards and their contents, and you take away the artistic layering of color and texture in the space. Images via Designer Digs (left) and Country Living (right).

If you watch programming on the HGTV network, you are probably familiar with Emily Henderson, a past winner of Design Star and now host of her own series, Secrets from a Stylist. Above is a photo of her own space with requiste mood board. Both the room and the board share a casual, modern style.

Okay, so they didn't want a formal board. But, did they have to pin their inspiration to the elegantly papered wall behind the desk? Seems nutty to me, but it works rather beautifully, don't you think? Image via Velvet Palette (left).

Above, jewelry designer Clair Green strung little wire lines across her papered grasscloth wall and attached her clippings via mini-clothespins.

Art imitating art. Interesting.

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