Saturday, September 27, 2014

Wallpaper wishes ...

Every once in a while, I rediscover the beauty of wallpaper.  Sure, I've peeled and steamed more than my fair share of the stuff off my walls and have sworn "never again." So you'd think I wouldn't even consider decorating with it again, but I've fallen in love once more.

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The current object of my desire is Escortal hand printed wallpaper from Pintura Studio (shown above and below). Photographed by Rachel Watson and Alexandra Strata for Lonny Magazine.

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I love the bold pattern, and the earthy green is enticing, too. But, I actually think it's the rustic, artisan nature of the print process - a bit Wabi Sabi - that perfect imperfection that I love.

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Thibaut Design also gets it oh-so-right with its fabulous swirls in melon pink. This entire room is a masterful expression of cheerful ambience.


I'm even smitten with some of the new designs that evoke a decidedly masculine tone. The gold antler motif with cranberry background (above left) from Barnaby Gates would work beautifully in a man's study or library, while a gold floral 'Petal Pusher' pattern (above right) from Hygge & West is charming on charcoal gray.


Until I've convinced myself that my new-found fondness for wallpaper will be a lasting desire, I may just add some interest to smaller surfaces like drawers and cabinets.

Images above via Good Housekeeping (left) and A Lo and Behold Life (right).

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Maybe a pantry makeover is a good place to add some glam color or just a hint of pattern.

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