Saturday, September 27, 2014

Soap-making maven ...

Before I post this week's inspirations, I want to share a small request.  You may remember that I decided to follow in my grandfather's footsteps when I made a life and career change several years ago.

Granddad, second from left, was a soap-making pioneer during the Great Depression. Sure he earned a living, but never had the resources to build the family business in a way that allowed it to reach its full potential.

Today, my husband and I have an opportunity to receive a grant from Chase Bank to help us take big steps in our business and community.  Our Capistrano Soap Company is eligible for a $150K grant to grow our business if we can show some social media power. We need 250 votes to finalize our grant application, and we're not yet half way there.

I’m asking you to take less than 10 seconds to cast a vote for us. Your support would be most appreciated!

To vote, you’ll be asked to connect with Facebook, but no worries. They won’t store or share your personal information – it’s legit and a secure process for verifying online votes. HERE'S THE VOTE LINK:

Your vote really does matter! This grant will help our manufacturing operations and add to our ACEQUIA all-natural product line (see our ad at top right of our blog page).

This is making me blush, so I’m just going to come out with it. We can’t do it without you, so please take a few seconds to help us reach our needed vote count. I wish I could reach out to hug you and give you smooches, but I’ll just say thank you 150,000 times!

Please VOTE NOW, then get back to the Alamodeus posts below for this week's inspirational powder rooms and wallpaper eye candy!

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