Saturday, September 13, 2014

Mainly mustard ...

As autumn rolls in, my color choices make way for deeper, richer tones, and mustard is the first shade that comes to mind.

Blame it on Fashion Week, but I'm reminded of a mustard yellow wool coat that I had years ago, so beloved that I finally tossed it after it was almost threadbare and moths got the better of it. I'm so happy to see this color reintroduced.


Images above via The Dress Spot (left) and Chicismo (right).
Photos below from Lulu's Couture (left) and Love Waffaa (right).


I even have a family heirloom chair upholstered in velvet that was once every bit a vibrant as a classic Dijon. It pairs well with the taupe and gray (griege) tones I so love.

Image via

When I think of jewel tones, I always include deep yellow hues as a counterbalance. Think of how amethyst, sapphire and emerald pair so well with their contrasting golden counterparts.

Image via

The falling leaves and harvest crops of autumn are my signals to focus on my favorite seasonal colors indoors, too.  I have some pillow projects in the works and tablecloths to add that will bring a pop of mustard to our living spaces.


Images above via Country Living (left) and Poppyseed (right).

Mustard is a predominate color in the linens of Provence and are everywhere in the collected artifacts and antiques in village flea markets and brocantes.

Image via

Crazy beautiful and definitely warm and inviting!

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