Saturday, July 5, 2014

Nursery bunting ...

Color, pattern and whimsy in a nursery make visual discovery fun. That's why I'm loving bright bunting in baby's room in place of the traditional crib mobile.

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To hear the experts say that over-stimulation is a sleep distraction wasn't news to me. But, I hadn't thought about that mobile on the crib, with its rotating toys, sounds and even projected lights on the ceiling. It can be too much of a distraction for a little one. You want to teach babies that it's nighttime - a quiet, soothing time to fall asleep in bed.

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Creating a space that babies and parents love and feel comfortable in takes some thought, including calming tones on the walls to soothe baby and nursing mommies. To bring out the celebratory spirit, I love the festive charm of flag bunting and banners. They add cheer that elicits smiles from kids and adults alike. 

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I'm also fond of decals and murals that have found their way to baby's room, too. You might say happy rooms bring out the 'happy' in all of us.

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As the infant moves into childhood, bunting can step up the decor style as well.

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Adding pizzazz with colorful flags waving above head is my kind of gleeful expression. Really, what kid wouldn't be happy here?

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Makes me want to take a trip back in time to redecorate the room of my youth! But, with no time travel currently available, I'll just settle for making some cute banners for my favorite little one.

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