Saturday, July 19, 2014

Laundry quandary ...

What do you do with dirty clothes while on vacation? My dear friend just returned home from a beach getaway minus all of her family's soiled garments and sandy shoes. A thoughtful family member was sure the filled, plastic trash bag was intended for the garbage can and tossed it out before departure. Oops!

I can totally relate to the situation because I always pack a trash bag in my luggage for the very same purpose. Now, I'm rethinking how I might avoid a similar occurrence.

I've found some gorgeous laundry bags from West Elm (shown in the photos above and below) that would easily slip into a suitcase and look appealing once home as well.

But, I'm also inspired to sew one of my own. Laundry bags are so simple ... similar to making a pillowcase with a drawstring. The fabric choices are limitless.


Images above via Mod Cloth (left) and Bed Bath & Beyond (right).

Another laundry bag caught my eye on Etsy. This one has great vintage (hamper style) charm and looks like a easy weekend project to me. Now, I just need that open weekend to start my stitchery.

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