Saturday, July 12, 2014

Getaway car ...

I keep thinking it's time for a summer getaway, and a little camper would make it so easy. Several friends have vintage trailers in various stages of functionality. One is restoring an Airstream, another has a collection of the retrofitted beauties up in the mountains of New Mexico.

Image via

I would settle for just something small, easily towed and maintained. Not a bad way to rough it. Although, my husband considers a hotel without room service as roughing it. So, this may take some convincing.

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I wonder if he would like another project. "We" could build our own or restore a fixer upper like the one above.

Image via

I can imagine taking our little mobile abode to lakes and forests and hilltop sanctuaries.


Images above via ReNest (left) and Bake At 350 (right).

I could read, eat cookies and send pretty postcards with highlights of our adventures. Not a bad way to spend a day.

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Take me home country roads. I can be packed in no time.

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