Saturday, June 14, 2014

Sea glass cottage ...

If I owned a little cottage by the sea or a cozy lake cabin, I imagine I would take my decorating queue from the serene colors of sea glass.

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These blissful water hues in greens and blues feel so tranquil - just what's needed for a vacation hideaway!


Outside, the sea glass shades remind me of ocean breezes and serene waters. I adore the color on shutters and doors in the photos above via G&G Inspirations (left) and EM for Marvelous (right).


Inside, the beachy blue-green shades invite relaxation and prop-your-feet up comfort. There's nothing stuffy in the photos above via Yanbin Chronicles (left) and Better Homes & Gardens (right).


Images above via My Notting Hill (left) and Eye for Design (right).

Image via

From tile and glassware to serving pieces and furnishings, sea glass influences would be my design inspiration.

Image via

Let the building begin (even if it's just on paper!)

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