Friday, May 2, 2014

Vintage garden party ...

One of the first items in my daughter's wedding plan was selection of a vintage garden party theme. If you're wondering where that might be most apparent, look no further than the reception dining table centerpieces that were heavily influenced by our love of Parisien flower shops.

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Our visits to the Paris shops of Rambert Rigaud (above) and Odorantes (below) had us hooked.
Their boutiques abound with arrangements that are part floral art and part decorative panache - exuding a tres chic style. J’adore le bouquet Francais! 

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These inspiring French arrangements are romantic, whimsical and textural. Above all else they are not confined to symmetry and often include unexpected elements that provide depth and character. 

We started with the inspiration photo above to set the garden party tone we were after.

Image by Alamodeus

I sourced vintage brass containers of all shapes and sizes to serve as the vases and selected the blossoms, beans, branches and veggies (yes, vegetables, too) while stalking the refrigerated offerings at our local wholesale florist.

Images by Alamodeus

Any stem that would give us color, texture and tousled chicness was photographed and priced. Some made the selection, others didn't. What we (myself, both daughters, and my BFF as floral designers d'jour) created the day before the wedding turned out just as we envisioned - each centerpiece unique with that 'je ne sais quoi' we hoped to emulate.

Vintage garden party centerpieces above and below via Alamodeus.

Vintage garden party centerpieces above and below via Alamodeus.

Wish I had some better photos, but this mother of the bride had little time to shoot pictures!

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