Saturday, May 31, 2014

Upcycled lockers ...

After my school memories faded, I became a fan of lockers.  It just took some time to forget my annual back-to-school dream. (While sleeping I had forgotten my locker combination and returned to school unable to open the locker. Argh!)

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While lockers were the bane of my existence as a student, their upcycled usefulness and industrial character has since won me over.

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Their reincarnation into bookcases is a natural, as is the space saving storage solutions they offer.

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I'm impressed with lockers tucked into the pantry as well as those that take center stage.


Images above via Ahhh la la (left) and GattoX (right).

If you're interested in incorporating lockers into a design scheme, check out the local school district auctions. My husband and I have bought overhead projectors, globes, tables and desks at these auctions. There is a continuous supply of lockers at rock bottom prices, too. Just make sure you get those lock combinations. No need for bad dreams!

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