Saturday, May 17, 2014

Child hang ups ...

Okay, my brain is revisiting the 1950s. I saw a vintage child's clothes hanger, and now I'm thinking that it would be quite fun to take on a craft project to recreate these adorable closet companions.

Image via

A mid-century hanger (above) is what started me down this path. I think either hand painting or a vintage image decoupaged on wood would be fairly simple to master.

Image via

Farm animals occupying a child's closet would be adorable, too. Low degree of difficulty here with simple line painting.

Image via

For a bit more challenge, I could collect animal images and decoupage them with Mod Podge. And, of course, I would have to ask my dear husband to cut the wood shapes ... hoping he won't mind.


These animal images would certainly infuse some fun when getting a young one dressed.

Images above and below via Trendhunter.

Or, if I could locate some old toys, I could get crafty with my glue gun and wood rods to make clever character hangers.

Image via

I do have a robust collection of sticks, perhaps they have a future ...

Image via

Now, I just need to find the time before our grandbaby arrives!

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