Saturday, May 31, 2014

Card catalog crush ...

Remember when research meant a visit to the library, thumbing through the card catalog to find books on your subject matter? Technology has certainly changed the way we find information, and the card catalog has found new life in homes across the globe.

Image via

A coat of paint and the addition of legs add a mid-century vibe to a vintage card catalog.


Images above via The Cottage Market (left) and DIY Network (right).

Create a bespoke buffet or multi-functional end table, bringing out the beauty in the wood cabinetry with or without new paint treatment.

Image via

There are great metal file cabinets, too. A bright paint color is all that's needed to create a signature piece for any room. Love the addition of wheeled legs to make these gems portable.

Image via

What to do with all the drawers? Store utensils, stash small findings for craft projects, create bins for tools ... the list goes on and on.

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Memories of these commonplace school furnishings of my youth make me realize how much has changed over the years. Card catalogs are out and printed books are following suit. Feeling a bit nostalgic. 

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