Saturday, April 26, 2014

'X' marks the spot ...

I'm all over the map this week. Seems I have the travel bug, but will have to wait a bit before a vacation.  Instead, I can dig through dozens upon dozens of maps that I've collected from near and far to visualize some great memories and plan new ones.

If you ever find yourself in Basel, Switzerland, check out the Volkshaus Bar and Brasserie (photos above and below.) In the lavatory, there is an early map of the city covering the walls and ceiling.

Uber cool, right?

Image via Panah Rad.

I fancy trekking across the globe, so a floor map seems to be an easy way to travel. Just think, if I drop something, that stain becomes a new landmark!


Paris, anyone? Or, maybe a coastal mural to set the tone.

Image above and below left via

Map themes in kids rooms are adorable, too. I can envision setting sail with a little tot ... oh, the adventures to be had!


From make-believe treasure maps to teachable geography with continents and oceans, children's rooms abound with possibilities for charting new dreams in distant lands.

Image via

Makes me want to find a barren wall and start painting.

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