Friday, April 18, 2014

The court is now in session ...

From the courts where Bocce is played in Italy to Pétanque in France and Spain, I love watching sweet, seniors enjoying an afternoon of comraderie and competition playing the game also known as Boules. It appears so enjoyable in fact, that I'm dreaming of adding a Pétanque court (known as a 'terrain') on our property and taking up the game as well.

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The installation looks pretty straightforward. Wood is used to frame the perimeter and it is filled with sand, then, tamped to level. Finishing with decomposed marble, crushed sea shells or even artificial grass gives the terrain an optimal playing surface. 

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It would be great fun to add a seating area for rest between games and bring in some much-needed color. Surrounded by lush plantings, the court would certainly be an added attraction for entertaining.

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There is nothing demure about this Pétanque court. Not that I have a slope this dramatic, but the landscaping and water feature are obsession-worthy. Gorgeous!

This video link to the Bocce game rules has me thinking this could be just the exercise I need. Oh honey ...

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... it's that simple. We can do it.

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