Saturday, April 19, 2014

Aqua allure ...

Aqua is one of my favorite shades of water and sky. It always makes me think of windswept beaches and Caribbean cottages.

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Images above via Awesome Spaces (left) and Casa com decoracao (right).

Islets, reefs, and cays ... the Bahamas, Aruba and Jamaica ... aqua is the calm, soothing color of tropical getaways and dream vacations.

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The light, blue/green shade is a peaceful refuge and a neutral canvas for dynamic accent colors and artwork. Aqua has a timeless appeal in interiors.


Images above via House Beautiful (left) and Rachel Smith (right).

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I love to see aqua at home in the city, too. But, it's watery beauty would be my first choice for a lake cottage or beachfront condo. Kiss, kiss.

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