Saturday, March 22, 2014

Sticks and stones ...

The saying goes, "Fences make the best neighbors." If that's so, then the use of natural elements to create private landscapes must make beautiful neighbors. That's why I try to keep every salvageable branch and stick for garden projects.

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Privacy screens, fences and gates made from natural materials have a warm and inviting appeal.


Images above via Apartment Therapy (left) and Finders Keepers (right).

Maybe I'm drawn to them because of their bespoke appearance - uniquely crafted for their designed purpose without the rigor of perfection.

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It's not just tree limbs that capture my heart. I lust for stone as well. Handsome rock walls and pathways bring added depth and character that create memorable landscapes.

Smooth river rock is a landscape favorite.

No one creates beautiful pathways better than my friends Wayne and Sam at Palm Buddha. They have an eye for perfect plant pairings and stone placement that recreate natural woodland settings. 

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The beauty of these spaces is most evident when the work of human hands is less discernible. Sure, it takes plenty of muscle power, man hours and material to create delightful gardens, but the sensory pleasure is heightened when improvements look like the work of Mother Nature.


Sticks and stones make my bones happy in a lush, green garden.

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