Saturday, March 15, 2014

Go small, or go home ...

If you know me well, you know that I long to own a little pied-à-terre in Paris.  We've been renting an apartment each time we visit The City of Light, but my husband and I hope to extend our visits in the years to come. One thing we know for sure, we'll have to learn to live small.

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Paris kitchens always seems to lack the space we Americans take for granted. But, I'm not there to spend my time cooking. There are so many amazing restaurants that kitchens are relegated to whipping up a snack or two, okay maybe a breakfast as well.


The photos above via West Elm (left) and Crate and Barrel (right) attest to the 'less is more' concept.

All that kitchens really need are the essentials, and space isn't necessarily one of them. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the miniscule kitchen of television chef Rachel Khoo who has authored 'The Little Paris Kitchen' cookbook.

Yes, that is her actual kitchen, and she cooks on a two-burner hot plate perched on a butcher block-topped stainless steel storage cart that houses her mini-oven. The entire workspace can't possibly measure more than 6' x 6'.

Yet, she has been able to churn out some of the most fabulous fare in the entire city.  No doubt, it has been a lesson in organization and keeping only items that have multiple functions.

Click here for The Little Paris Kitchen Cookbook

Prep and dining often share space in little apartments, but that doesn't mean they are any less appealing. Pared down furnishings and attractive decor give those diminutive areas loads of personality.

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With fresh produce available at every market, even the small refrigerators are all that's needed.

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Say what you will about IKEA, but that Scandinavian modern style is perfectly suited to make the most of shrinky dink kitchens.

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I'm ready to live a more compact life. Now, it's time to start working toward my goal of setting up house (at least part-time) in an itsy bitsy teeny weeny pied-à-terre.

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