Saturday, March 15, 2014

Bark art ...

Rarely have I seen papier-mâché sculpture as expressive or candid as the work created by Will Kurtz. This self-taught artist from Flint, Michigan actually started his career as a landscape architect but returned to school at age 50 to master his artistic expression in New York.

A gallerist familiar with Kurtz' work summarized the artist's material choices, "As important as the subjects to understanding Kurtz’s works is the medium – discarded and recycled bits of print publication, DIY building and packaging supplies, along with everyday objects that bring a sense of familiarity to the works."

What he does with these bits and scraps is playful and honest. Not just the way he captures man's best friend, but in the reality of human subjects that surround his Brooklyn neighborhood.

I love the 'realness' of his sculptures.  If you're in the neighborhood, check out the work of Will Kurtz at the Mike Weiss Gallery at 520 W. 24th Street in New York City.


Anonymous said...

I saw your post on FB about the aprons and have fallen in love with them. I shared this page and will be making one very soon. Thank you for sharing this.
On the same page at the bottom where you have the "You may also like" there was a picture that probably was a back door entrance or a mud room with a seat and a wooden piece on top with hanger attached. I wanted to make a copy of this or look at the post more, but I clicked on the wrong thing. Would you mind posting the picture on a return reply.
Thank you, Carol Ann

Alamodeus said...

Thanks for your comment, Carol Ann. The two links below will take you to my posts on mud rooms. Hopefully, one of them is the one you requested:

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