Saturday, February 15, 2014

Tantalizing tile ...

I'm smitten with Arabesque beveled tile! I happened upon these beauties as I was searching for new kitchen flooring. But, flooring was the last thing I was thinking about after setting my eyes on these swoon-worthy tiles.

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I love the variation on the standard lantern shape, and I must say that the white glazed ceramic wall tile has won my heart.


As the name implies, Arabesque Beveled Tile definitely flaunts its seductive Moroccan design roots in the photos above, via Home Depot (left) and Mosaic Tile Stone (right). Well, that works. I'm hooked!

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But, there's more here than bright white. Cool blues have me swooning as well.


Images above via The Design House (left) and Indulgy (right).

I know you're thinking of cleaning all that grout. Me, too. But, can these tiles measure up with dark grout or in other shades? Oh, yes!

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Ooooh, just look at these kindred spirits. Matte finish, dark grout and a natural palette make for earthy pleasure.

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It's not just about a single color palette, because I love variegated shades, too. It's also that shapely allure. Call me superficial, but I love these Arabesque Bevel tiles for their physical beauty. Now, if I just didn't have to pay for them to come home with me!

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