Saturday, February 22, 2014

Sign language ...

I could say, "I was looking for a sign from above." Trying to find some creative inspiration for placing the table name cards at our daughter's upcoming wedding reception was a bit of a challenge.

Images (clockwise from top left) via Resource, Flourish, Paper Tastebuds, and Evermine.

I found lots of cute ideas with wood and wire, metal clasps, photo frames and easels. But, nothing spoke to the bride-to-be or this MOB (mother of the bride.)

Images above via The Knot (left) and Wed Society (right).

I knew one thing for sure ... there would be NO sign stuck in the floral arrangements. Call it a pet peeve, but every time I see a table number propped above a centerpiece, I feel like I'm judging a flower show. (Should I vote for arrangement 18 or 5?) My rule is to avoid this placement at all costs unless I'm hosting a gala with a hundred tables.

My other peeve is the use of table numbers at all when it comes to intimate functions. (Never, never!) I'm sure there is always someone offended by being placed at Table 12 instead of Table 2, so I prefer table names.

DIY cork table sign holders by Alamodeus.

Finally, inspiration struck, and I decided to use some of my wine bottle corks to create the sign stands. Amazing what can be fashioned with corks, hot glue gun and twine.

DIY cork table sign holders by Alamodeus.

All that's needed is a small dab of hot glue near the bottom of the cork.

DIY cork table sign holders by Alamodeus.

Press one glued cork to another to make a pair. Make three pairs of glued corks so that you have a total of six corks. (Four might do, but six gives it more stability.)

DIY cork table sign holders by Alamodeus.

Wrap twine around the cork pairs, tie into a knot and trim excess twine.

DIY cork table sign holders by Alamodeus.

The look is vintage and rustic. Perfect for the vintage garden party scheme.

DIY cork table sign holders by Alamodeus.

Using table names meaningful to the bride and groom, we designed and printed the table signs on linen cardstock, trimmed and placed the sign between the corks. I threw a little floral arrangement together just to gauge the size relationship between the signs and the centerpiece, knowing our actual flowers will be taller, more colorful and full.

Works for me and the bride has given her blessing. Another project to check off my wedding 'to-do' list!

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