Saturday, February 1, 2014

Potting plans ...

We're in the final few weeks of winter, and I'm getting everything ready for spring gardening. Planting dates on the calendar, check. Vegetable varieties selected, check. During the next two weeks, the beds need weeding and plotted for what goes where.


Images above via Home and Garden (left) and Elements of Style (right).

It's time to check our gardening tools, too, and make sure everything is clean and ready for the season ahead. It's also time for me to drool over images of beautiful potting benches and garden sheds.

Image via

I wish!

Image via

Image via


Images above via Room Envy (left) and Poppy Talk (right).

We'll be pruning roses back come Valentine's Day, then, spring garden season begins with sowing seeds. The plants will be set out the beginning of March. I love our long growing season in Central Texas!

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