Saturday, February 8, 2014

Inspiration board: Garden wedding cakes

One of the joys of an impending wedding is certainly cake tasting. An entire day of my daughter and me having cake and eating it, too ... is definitely a diet breaker, but worth every bite! Three bakeries and a day later, and the sugar euphoria is still present.

White or ivory, buttercream or fondant, shall it be simple or extravagant frosting, and what wedding cake flavor and filling should be chosen? Wow, so many choices.

Gorgeously decorated cakes are a vision to behold. The incredibly talented bakers are truly confectionery artists with imagination and skill. They're also wonderful at guiding brides through the process of selecting the cake, frosting and filling that best suits their desires. 

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It's fascinating to look at the anatomy of a wedding cake with its internal support skeleton and all of the layers. Thankfully, the groom's cake will be easier to create and transport!

It's interesting to note the servings per layer. This is good to know when ordering or baking a cake for any occasion.

That temporary indulgence is over, so now it's back to more nutritionally-sound eating (at least until those tasty morsels are served at the reception!)

Photo credits for all images above can be found on our Vintage Garden Wedding page on Pinterest.

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