Saturday, February 15, 2014

Good to the last drop ...

Wine makes me happy! No, not drink-to-excess happy, but appreciative happy. From the vintner engaged in making the wine to those patient sommeliers who share their knowledge and point me to the most distinctive varietals, I'm delighted to indulge in some heaven-sent fruits of the vine crafted and selected by dedicated experts.

There is such an art to selecting wines, and I still have much to learn. But, the internet is a great place to start with oodles of wine education info-graphics.

Learn to navigate the wine world from Wine Folly with this chart that covers every type of wine imaginable. Click on 'Types of Wine by Style and Taste' above to enlarge the graphic. 

Ever wonder what those wine enthusiasts see when they swirl their glass? A lot is told through the wine's coloration, like its body and age. The experts at Wine Folly know a thing or two about the distinguishing characteristics found in that goblet. (You can click and enlarge this one, too.)

My apologies, I have no idea when or where I came across this info-graphic.

Sometimes, wine pairings are tricky. Thankfully, I keep this chart I found online at the ready (not that I pay all that much attention to wine protocol unless guests are coming for dinner.) I generally adhere to white wines with seafood and poultry, and reds with beef. But, I love to try new wines every chance I get.

I've created glassware from saved bottles, and now I'm using my collection of corks to craft bases for wedding reception table signs. I'll share photos next week of this project du jour! 

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