Saturday, February 22, 2014

Flowing waters ...

I get giddy over gardens and completely spellbound by the soothing sounds of flowing water. We thoroughly enjoy the restful ambiance our little fountain provides, and the birds love to have fresh water available for drinking and warm weather bathing.

This is our little fountain garden with two varieties of salvia surrounding our fountain.
There is a bubbler on top, four spouts for pouring and a shallow pool below.
Photo by Alamodeus.

We've seen some beautiful, yet simple fountains on our travels abroad. I particularly love the public fountains in France and Italy. My favorites are often simple copper faucets pouring delightful, cool water into a stone basin.

Image via

Image via

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Beautiful iron escutcheon faucet (left) and Provençal water spigot (right.)

I guess I have always been drawn to water, even naming my company's first luxury body product line 'ACEQUIA.' The word is Spanish for aqueduct, and there are seven gravity-flow acequias in San Antonio covering over fifteen miles. These waterways, constructed by missionaries and Indians, brought life-giving water to the original Mission settlements, including The Alamo.

Image via

I've often thought I would like to see an acequia constructed on our property along our dry creek bed. I have saved the photo above to inspire its design with the water coming to rest in a shallow pool. There is an acequia similarly constructed, lined with concrete and stone, at the San Antonio Botanical Garden. Ah, bliss!

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