Saturday, January 11, 2014

Faux fabulous ...

Wow, faux fur has come a long way, baby! It's has a luxe vibe and a casual demeanor - classic and contemporary, yet fun and sexy.

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I wouldn't mind going a little glam with a fake mink or chinchilla. Hey, if its good enough for Ralph Lauren, it's good enough for me. And, that annoying winter draft in my living room would seem far more tolerable snuggled under something so soft!

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There are so many choices from faux rabbit and bear hides, to one of my favorites - sherpa, a man made material designed to look like sheepskin. I picked up a sherpa rug from IKEA a couple of years ago and absolutely love it. 


Images above of sherpa rugs living the high life as chair covers via A Beautiful Mess (left) and Cheetah is the New Black (right).


Images above via All Through the Looking Glass (left) and Imgur (right). 

From backyards to baby nurseries, faux goodness is a dynamic addition to any decor. Sublime!

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Toes shouldn't have all the fun. Give your tushie some happy time on hip, fur imitations while dining. Chairs with hard surface seating become comfy places with serious design cred!

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Indulge in the sumptuous feel of fur with man-made materials that are ethical and cruelty-free, yet just as beautiful underfoot. I love that they re-create the natural weight, depth of color and softness of genuine fur, all the while being a guilt-free indulgence.

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