Saturday, January 25, 2014

Butter and canaries ...

Our kitchen has always been painted some shade of yellow. Well, actually, when we first built our home over three decades ago, it was wallpapered - in yellow. Currently, the yellow is muted by a faux finish that gives it a aged hue. But, I'm beyond tired of faux finishes. Be gone, I say!

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I'm inspired by butter - not only the food stuff, but by the signature shade of cosmetics manufacturer 'butter London.' And, I've found lots of great rooms with buttery walls and architectural elements that are exactly what I have in mind.

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The classic, cheerful demeanor of pastel yellow reminds me of my grandparents home in Northern Kentucky. I had a wonderful experience visiting there as a child. So, this shade brings back warm memories of love and affection.


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From the pastel shade of butter to canary yellow, the sunny disposition is perfect for my morning start in the kitchen and breakfast room.

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That brilliant, invigorating shot of sunshine gets me in a happy mood for the day ahead. Even the bolder hue of sunflowers is a charmer.

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It looks amazing on a ceiling! And, I've really warmed to a yellow and gray color scheme. 

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Sunflower yellow is the traditional color associated with Provence, so my French country kitchen inspiration is right at home.

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Now, I'm living with four painted swatches on my breakfast room walls. This allows me to see how the color changes throughout the day from sunrise to sunset and with artificial light. My paint brushes are at the ready for my decision. Will it be butter or canary?

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Krystina said...

I vote for a slightly muted canary shade. Fun!

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