Saturday, December 7, 2013

Holiday dressing ...

I've been thinking of draping my dressform in holiday attire this Christmas. I love all of the greenery skirts and brilliant red bows.


Images above via Miss Beets (left) and Vogue & Coffee (right).

Image via

Maybe a bit of velvet glam and a flocked petticoat would add a little holiday panache.


Over the top (left, via) and missing a top (right, via), are both creative ways to tackle wire forms.

Image via

Could I?  Would I?  Should I?  Why not?  There aren't that many occasions that call for a well-lit dress!


Cindy Albert said...

Very cute post. Love the first picture.

Krystina said...

I say "Why not?!" You should definitely have holiday fun with your dressform!

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