Friday, November 8, 2013

Toe warmers ...

I can only hope to convince my husband to light our fireplace with the arrival of cool, snuggle weather. Sitting near the hearth, with a lovely glass of vino in hand and toes warming by the crackling fire, sounds absolutely delightful.

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With the way fire mesmerizes me, I must have a strong connection to my prehistoric roots. Give me a warm hearth and it's all 'kumbaya' from there for this troglodyte!


Images above via The Inside Story (left) and Hommemaker (right).

But, it's not just the fire that warms the cockles of my heart.  The love is even deeper with glorious fireplace surrounds that offer immense decorative appeal with or without burning embers.

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It doesn't matter if the surround is carved from stone or wood or forged from steel, the beauty transcends materials when executed with an eye for great design.

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Modern, rustic, traditional ... each and every fireplace beckons. 

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Objects of desire? Absolutely. In a dining room? Yes, please.

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If there were a fireplace or even a delightful wood stove in my kitchen, I'd be consumed with joy!  But, the need for additional warmth is rarely necessary in Texas.  So, I'll happily settle for lighting a few logs in our living room fireplace just for the relaxing ambience on the rare chilly nights.

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